Wholesale Gourmet Teas

Offer your customers some of the highest-quality, best-tasting teas on the planet! From traditional favorites to whimsical, creative blends, our work is to provide you with the purest, freshest, best-tasting green teas available … also to keep your customers coming again for more.

TeeZeit Trading Corp has set the conventional of quality—selecting each tea with purity, freshness, health improvements and flavor in brain. The truth is few tea companies focusing on 100% natural and Certified Organic teas, we can assist you meet rising consumer demand and exceed your customer’s expectations for quality, consistency, affordability and innovation.

Every tea has a unique flavor and style that reflects its origins, varietal, vintage and non-industriel method of manufacture. We all urge our customers to understand loose-leaf tea as though it were a fine wine.


TeeZeit Trading Corp award-winning free teas are available both bulk by-the-pound and in elegant, vibrant, embossed retail tins. All of us also give you a teapots and tea accessories. We sell to cafés, coffee residences, tea shops, gourmet grocery store, natural food stores, stores, gift stores, salons, gyms and restaurants nationwide. Worldwide orders may be around.

The TeeZeit Trading Corp team is committed to providing you with all the responsiveness and support you need. The menu on the left provides links to free educational materials for your staff, point-of-sale/shelf signs, retail sales tips and instructions for brewing tea in a food service surroundings. Our complimentary point-of-sale material and tester jars help in product promotion and increase sales.

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